Kyle Holthaus

Kyle is responsible for community involvement and sales.  He is the caretaker of the livestock and manages all of the hay production as well as any other labor needed.  He is active in the Winneshiek Farm Bureau.


Mari Holthaus

Mari is in charge of the growing and picking of the vegetables.  She also manages the production of all of the jams and pickles as well as the preparation of the frozen products we have available.   Mari is the cook in the Kafe and oversees recipe development.

Our People

Kyle and Mari Holthaus began operating their 15 acre farm in 1998.  Teddy came along in 2001 and Violet in 2003.  Anna, Mari's sister, began working with us in 2008.

We started out with about an acre of vegetables and 40 sows.  We then transitioned into 3 acres of vegetables and 500 laying hens.  We now grow about 5 acres of vegetables and maintain a small flock of laying hens.

Most of the farm's marketing is done at four local farmer's markets (check out our Menu Page for more details), but with the addition of the farm's licensed kitchen, we have begun to expand into selling canned and frozen goods at a few local retail locations.

In 2013 we expanded by adding a licensed food production facility that we call the galley (so named to keep Teddy and Violet from confusing it with the house kitchen). Much of our marketing is done through farmers markets in four area towns.  We grow as much of the product we process as possible and source the rest as local as possible for the jams and pickles.  All vegetables we have prepared and frozen have been grown on our farm.  The baked goods and candies are made from scratch with the fillings made in house for the pies and turnovers.

With the addition of the galley we have begun, and are working to expand, having our pickles and jams available at local retailers all around northeast Iowa.

Kymar Acres

farming since 1998

Anna Herzmann

Anna does the baked goods and candies as well as the washing and packaging of the vegetables.  Anna also assists in any recipe development and the cooking in the Kafe.  She sells at all of the farmers markets.

Violet Holthaus

Violet is in charge of the weeding, picking and washing of the vegetables.  She also makes the banana bread for markets.  She is a fixture in the Kafe.

Teddy Holthaus

Teddy helps weed, pick, and he tends to the chickens.  He makes the zucchini bread for markets.  We miss him when he is off to college!